I believe you’re here, because you are a person that sees the value or Art in this world, and this is really wonderful and also so important! And I want you to know it’s people like you that fuel my existence as an Artist!

I’m a creator, and I hope to bring warmth and joy to the world, by touching the souls of people like you, who appreciate what I do, and the Music that comes from my heart!

Being a musician can be really tough nowadays, especially because a very large percent of CD sales & song purchases have decreased significantly since countless streaming services arrived on the internet. Everyday is getting harder and harder for us Artists to get paid for the work we do, through selling our physical CDs and Vinyls, and also through selling the MP3 files of the songs online, on our websites.

I am a self funded Artist/Musician, which means that I am not funded by a recording label. I rely on the support of amazing friends and fans to keep printing my promotional flyers and posters; to keep making the videos of the shows, and having the proper equipment for that; to keep performing at different venues, and to keep walking along my musical path for as long as I can…

Our donation link is safely provided by PayPal: 

So how can you help?    

Well, if my Music has touched you in some way, please consider buying the songs online and/or simply making a donation below.

Yes, it’s that easy to help! And every little bit makes a difference! So if you find it in your heart to share a few dollars, know that it is helping very much, and your gesture will be forever appreciated!  

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Here's a picture of the actual Tip Jar we bring to<br>our shows and events... And we're always<br>happy when we see it being filled up!!!

Here's a picture of the actual Tip Jar we bring to
our shows and events... And we're always
happy when we see it being filled up!!!

This Virtual Tip Jar is also for those of you who would like to support the work with do here at Double Feather Productions, so we can continue to improve our promotional campaigns via social media, and also through our printed material, like flyers and posters.

This is also for those of you who cannot attend our shows in person, but love to view our videos and the live feeds we broadcast through our social media pages.

You are the reason we shoot those videos, and we feel honored to share them with you... It makes you feel like you're part of the show, and it gives us the reassurance our work is being appreciated.

So, if you're feeling tipsy, you're more than welcome to make a donation via PayPal here on our website.

Our donation link is safely provided by PayPal: